Dansensor Preventative Maintenance Guides


Care for your Dansensor Equipment More Effectively

Preventative Maintenance Guides for your Dansensor MAP equipment are designed to help you to care more effectively for your equipment during the time between planned services.

The guides detail the daily, weekly & monthly routine maintenance checks that Dansensor recommend be carried out. They are clearly set out with diagrams, photographs, the part numbers of the consumable parts required, as well as detailed step by step instructions. The Preventative Maintenance Guides concise & easy to follow.

Don’t Forget Vital Annual Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance Guides are NOT an alternative option to regular and annual maintenance of your Dansensor MAP equipment, which is essential for ensuring accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of your test results and packaging process.

How to Download

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For help or further details about Service and Maintenance Contracts please contact our Technical Team on 01223 492083 or via techsupport@tendringpacific.com.

Preventative Maintenance Guides are Available for:
300CheckMate 3 Leakmatic II 300_MAP-Mix-Provectus 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300Leakpointer II E2 Leakpointer_ii
CheckMate 3
Gas Analyser
CheckPoint 3
Gas Analyser
LeakMatic II MAP Mix Provectus MAP Check 3
Gas Analyser
LeakPointer II E2 LeakPointer II
300TGC-2 300MAP Mix 9001
TGC-2 MAP Mix 9001