Top Roller C1 – Orange Proofer

Top roller for the C1 or the Orange Proofer - for conventional inks or for UV-curing inks.

Top roller for conventional inks.

For use with

300C1 300C1 IGT_Orange_Proofer IGT_Orange_Proofer
IGT C1 Offset and Letterpress
Proofer – C1, C1-5, C1-7
IGT CX3 Offset
Letter Press Proofer
IGT Orange Proofer
for Offset
IGT Orange Proofer X3
for Offset and UV Flexo

Also available in a version for UV-curing inks.

  • For conventional inks
    • Order Reference – TP425.098.001
  • For UV curing inks
    • Order ReferenceTP425.098.002

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