Taber Reciprocating Abraser – Auxiliary Weights

For use with the Taber Reciprocating Abraser Model 5900

Reciprocating Abraser – Auxiliary Weights
Part No Description
133554 Weight Support (72g)
132716 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 10 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
132717 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 20 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
131548 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 50 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
131611 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 75 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
131612 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 100 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
131373 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 150 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
130285 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 250 gram (each) – (requires Weight Support)
133814-1 Auxiliary Weight – 1N (each)
133814-2 Auxiliary Weight – 2N (each)
133814-3 Auxiliary Weight – 2.5N (each)
133814-4 Auxiliary Weight – 5N (each)
133814-5 Auxiliary Weight – 10N (each)
133814-6 Auxiliary Weight – 24N (each)
134234 Operating Instructions – Reciprocating Abraser, Model 5900
Other Consumables for the Taber Reciprocating Abraser Model 5900
GMW 14125 Kit Wearaser Abradants (¼” diameter)
Wear & Abrasion Scratch & Mar

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