Mullen Bursting Strength Tester Consumables

Standardised aluminum test foils for checking the overall performance of Burst Testers.

Standardised aluminum foil test foils for checking the overall performance of Burst Testers.

  • Each package contains 10 sheets
  • Each sheet measures 3 inches x 3 inches

Ordering Information for Checking Model “A” – Board and Model “C” – Paper burst testers.
Standardized aluminum foil for each format is available in the following bursting pressures:

Model “A” Board Burst Tester Model “C” PAPER   Burst Tester
Range Pressure (kPa) Pressure (psi) Ordering P/N Range Pressure (kPa) Pressure (psi) Ordering P/N
J 275-475 40-69 13-01-31 A 35-69 5-10 13-02-13
K 482 614 13-01-32 AA 76-138 11-20 13-02-19
L 621-896 90-130 13-01-21 B 145-207 21-30 13-02-14
M 903-1172 131-160 13-01-26 C 214-345 31-50 13-02-15
R 1110-1379 161-200 13-01-30 D 352-448 51-65 13-02-16
S 1386-1724 201-250 13-01-33 E 455-552 68-80 13-02-17
F 558-758 81-110 13-02-18
G 765-1034 111-150 13-02-21

Replacement Rubber Diaphragms

Supplied in packs of 12 diaphragms

For use in Model “A” Board type burst testers For use in Model “C” Paper type burst testers
Ordering Part No. : 13-01-20 Ordering Part No. : 13-02-20
Pressure range: 0 – 1500 psi Pressure range: 0 – 200 psi
Diaphragm diameter – 77.8 mm ( 3.0625 inch ) approx. Diaphragm diameter – 44.5 mm ( 1.75 inch ) approx.

For use with

Trade Mark Note
“Mullen” is the registered Trade Mark of Sandex International Corporation, USA, a company that also manufactures Mullen burst testers.

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